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"Thanks for you quick support. I really love Linkstash and Clipcache should be software of the decade."
Craig Irvin <www.craigirvin.com>

"This is one of the slickest little utilities I have run across, and I've tried a lot of them. I never realized how handy it would be to keep all your bookmarks organized, until I did it. I love it!"
Edward Rack <rackranch2001 yahoo.com>

"LinkStash is a wonderful tool for managing the bookmarks for all important browsers of today. Downloading the Setup-Program is easy and fast and the Installation is also fast and easy to understand. The Installation Wizard explains everything the user needs to know when working with this software for the first time. I was able to easily import my bookmarks of Netscape Navigator and Internet-Explorer. Also a great feature of this software is the possibility to Export the bookmarks for Netscape and IE, so it is quite easy to synchronize the bookmarks/favorites of these both browsers."
Stefan Petersen <sp531561 t-online.de>

"I have to track a ton of information at work. Now with the ability to tag files I'm in bliss mode. Finding all the files I need is extremely easy and tagging them gives me a succinct list of what I'm looking for. The fact that I can move them around in the LinkStash program itself into virtual/conceptual folders and classify them under many of those folders is an asset that can not be over-stated. It's terrific!"
Chuck Bass <charles.bass cbre.com>

"As a satisfied user of ClipCache, I jumped at the opportunity to try out LinkStash. This is the product I've been looking for to manage my bookmarks - a manager that is independent of the browser I use (I routinely switch among Opera, Internet Explorer, and Netscape). The interface is adaptable and well-thought-out -- including the ability to switch between files, save, and create backups - and extremely stable. XRayz Software have spent a lot of time and energy thinking about the design of this software, and it shows. It's a quality product, in the same tradition as ClipCache, and I am proud to own them both."
Charlie Brooks <cbrooks world.std.com>

"As manager of several large websites and portals I have a collection of 10000+ bookmarks and favorites across several browsers. I find the favorites facility in Explorer completely unusable and had used the old Navigator 3 browser because of it's far superior bookmarks manager. Given the age of Nav 3 though, this was becoming unworkable. I had tried many 3rd party managers and found some had hopeless interfaces, others just couldn't cope with the volume I was importing or lacked features that I needed. LinkStash solved all of my problems bringing my Netscape bookmarks and Explorer favorites together, allowing me to group, categorise and delete duplicates. Thanks LinkStash for transforming what was quickly becoming a nightmare into a dream!"
Steve Walsh <c-point c-point.com>

"I was never happy with IE favorites. LinkStash solved all the issues. I can add comments to the saved URLs, folders remain open making it easy to add several URLs to the same folder, highlight URLs that I use frequently, and there is a search feature. Great program."
Jeffrey Rovner <astro46 excite.com>

"I have now tried LinkStash for a while with Windows XP, it works really well and gives me excellent opportunities to keep my bookmarks in good shape. It's a great tool."
Kurt Jakobsen <kuja post3.tele.dk>

"I easily imported my IE favorites and was quickly using LinkStash in my browsing. It is far superior to the Favorites tool in IE. There are no setup problems with LinkStash, and filing new URLs in the folder where you want them is a breeze. I have a very large favorites list with lots of folders. With a list this size, I found LinkStash's tool for eliminating duplicate URLs especially helpful."
John W. Page<jwp1127 yahoo.com>

"I have looked everywhere for a program to control my 'Favorites', more than 1,600 of them, with no success in finding a good one. Then along came LinkStash, which is so easy to use and allows me to view all my bookmarks quickly and easily. No one should be without LinkStash."
Gail Roberts <the_phantom justicemail.com>

"Thanks for a great product. I felt like my links were out of control, until I was able to get organized with LinkStash. It's great to keep track of the sites you visit often, and for those that you may never visit again, but you want to have bookmarked 'just in case.' The data file is tiny, making it very portable. And the 'find' feature is awesome. I use it all the time to find those long-lost links that I knew I bookmarked SOMEWHERE."
Mark Pardee <mpardee wlox.com>

"Since I switched to using Internet Explorer, I really missed my old Netscape Bookmarks folder. Then I discovered LinkStash. This is ten times better! Now I can organize all my bookmarks in one small file, synch it easily between my desktop and laptop and share it with friends. And all the options for comments, highlighting, and customizing my bookmarks makes this a must-have for surfing the net! "
James Wilson - Tampa, Florida

"Your LinkStash product is incredible! What a time saver. I can't thank you enough."
Mitch Baldwin <mitchbaldwin shaw.ca>

After using LinkStash for a couple of days, I placed an order for it. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am, and what a fine tool LS truly is! As a webmaster, I immediately decided to get it because it provides a one-stop link manager to all my scripts, and I can automate the login, make notes about each, and so much more! Thank you!
Joao B <jb seres.net>

Thank you so much. Because of your directions I was able to solve my problem. This is the best software support I have ever used.
Paula Hopping <pj.hopp verizon.net>

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy using your software. Linkstash is the best. I use it daily in performing my daily duties as a programmer. Thanks again for the very useful and very well written programs.
Wayne A. Glass <Wayne.Glass rwjuh.edu>
Senior Programmer
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
New Brunswick, NJ

Today I just purchased LinkStash and I am delighted with its performance and ease of use. Organizing my favorite folder has never been so easy. Thank you for a fine product.
John Higgins <jmhiggins att.net>

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