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"You'll be guaranteed a generous commission on all orders you help generate."

About Our Affiliate Program

If you have a website, newsletter or other means of promotion, you can help us promote our award-winning software and be guaranteed a generous commission on all sales you help generate. We guarnatee this because all the "Buy Now" links in the program contain your affiliate information, ensuring you receive the comission.

You can offer our award-winning products as free trial downloads, and yet be absolutely assured you will get credit for the sale. Do not confuse this program with other so-called shareware affiliate programs which rely on simple "cookie" tracking to get you credit for the sales you generate. Our system is much, much more sophisticated. The is made possible by our partner in e-commerce, eSellerate.net.

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You are paid a generous percentage of the selling price for each order you generate. Becoming an affiliate is quick and easy. Sign up is absolutly free, and once you have signed up you can sell either LinkStash or ClipCache.

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