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I Need Your Help

I would like to make our software usable to everyone around the world. One step towards that goal is to translate the program to a different languages. This is where I need your help with translating. In return for your effort I can give you:

  • A license for any of our products listed on the website
  • A credit on the website for your work
  • The potential to earn money with our affiliate system by selling the translated version in your country

What's Involved?

  • Firstly, you don't need to have any programming knowledge whatsoever
  • You should be able to read English because your translation is based on it
  • Ideally you should speak in the native language that you are translating to
  • Don't use translation software such as Babel Fish because they don't produce usable results
  • Translating the user interface is done visually, you edit the dialog boxes using a program that we provide, see the screenshot below

What Needs to be Translated?

There are two parts to translate, but you don't have to translate both if you don't want to:

  • The user interface (UI) - this is the program itself
  • The help file

Getting Started

Firstly check to see if the program is not already traslated. You can visit the download page to identify that. We provide you with everything you need:

  • The AppTranslatorTE program if you want to translate the UI
  • A Project file to use with AppTranslatorTE, you can't use it without one
  • The HTML Help files if you want to translate the Help
  • A text editor (e.g. NotePad++) to edit the HTML Help files

If we made the files available publicly there would be a problem in that two or more people may be working on the same translation without each others knowledge. Some co-ordination is required to prevent this. So please send us an email if you would like to have a go at translating and we'll send you the files. To do this, head over to the email support page and choose Translate, remember to say what you'd like to translate in the message.

Thank you for your help.
J Williams


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