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Version 3.5.2 -- April 24, 2015

  • Add French translation.
  • Update translations: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Russian.
  • A normal install over the top of a portable install now changes the installation type from portable to normal.
  • Fix incorrect display of some characters after importing bookmarks containing ampersand HTML codes.
  • Fix incorrect Unicode characters displayed when retrieving a website name for some URLs.
  • Other internal changes.

Version 3.5.0 / 3.5.1 -- September 3, 2014

  • A bookmark bar displays the bookmark's properties docked to the side of the main window. It displays the currently selected bookmark allowing it to be edited. Any changes are automatically committed unless you press Escape, in which case the changes are undone. Easily switch to or from the bookmark bar with Ctrl+Enter.
  • More conveniently hide columns with new Hide column menu item in the bookmark list header right-click menu.
  • Add option (startup tab) to exit LinkStash after several (~5) minutes of system inactivity, off by default.
  • Add Clear all search history menu item to the find bar to clear the find bar and advanced find.
  • Show the selected folder's full path in the add bookmark dialog.
  • Allow for longer folder names in the status bar.
  • Fix add bookmark hotkey not bringing its dialog to the front if it's already open.
  • Fix bookmark edit control not resetting the default font after setting no highlight.
  • Fix potential crash when choosing New LinkStash file.
  • 3.5.1 Fix where deleting selected bookmarks can delete unselected bookmarks in 3.5.0.

Version 3.4.0 -- July 1, 2014

  • Improve search results by prefixing a search word with - (dash) to exclude words from the search results. For example (ignore quotes):
    "news -sport -politics" matches news but without sport or politics
    "-fiction" matches everything without fiction.
  • Searching searches a folder's full path name by default instead of just the folder name.
  • Clearing the search history now also clears the Advanced Find text.
  • Disable save history for Advanced Find if save history option isn't on.
  • Don't show the duplicates button in the Add Bookmark Dialog for deleted bookmarks.
  • Fix main window popping up when it should stay minimized. For example adding from Chrome should not cause the main window to be restored if it's minimized.
  • Fix high CPU usage with very large number of bookmarks when closing the bookmark file or the duplicate checker dialog.
  • Fix unable to add Firefox or Pale Moon bookmarks unless the page has a title tag.

Version 3.3.0 -- May 6, 2014

  • Ability to generate complex passwords (Tools menu, Password generator) with customizable settings.
  • Expand all bookmarks using the Folder menu, right-click menu or Ctrl+Shift+=.
  • Collapse all bookmarks using the Folder menu, right-click menu or Ctrl+Shift+-.
  • Ensure the selected folder remains visible when expanding all folders.
  • Can now Empty Deleted Bookmarks using the Folder menu.
  • Add Greek help file.
  • Add Russian translation.
  • Update translations: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), German, Greek, Italian, Korean and Portuguese (Brazilian).
  • Remove the Change (master password) button from the Sign In dialog for clarity.
  • Remove the Uninstall LinkStash entry from the Start Menu, use the Control Panel instead.
  • Fix bookmark info tip ending in garbage under certain circumstances.
  • Fix the Unvisited check box resetting controls in the bookmark properties dialog.
  • Fix truncated URL on drag drop from Firefox address bar icon to LinkStash.

Version 3.2.2 -- March 10, 2014

  • Add German translation.
  • Add Italian help file.
  • Remember the search folder's sorted column between sessions.
  • Better handling of non-English text when adding bookmarks from Opera (Presto.)
  • Add support for Pale Moon browser (a Firefox fork) as Firefox. To open bookmarks with Pale Moon set the Firefox path in LS Options to Pale Moon's executable.
  • Better error message in the Duplicate URL dialog.
  • Fix drag and dropping an URL from Opera results in a garbage text.
  • Fix where opening bookmarks with IE always opens in a new window.

Version 3.2.1 -- November 13, 2013

  • Add Portuguese/Brazil (PTB) translation.
  • Fix fetching a web page fails if the meta tag contains single quotes.
  • Fix reporting 0 days evaluation remaining if not registered.
  • Fix duplicate URLs dialog not updating the UI after a folder is deleted.
  • Import text file missing from help.
  • Command line arguments missing from help.

Version 3.2.0 -- October 18, 2013

  • Support for Chrome v30+ with a Chrome extension.
  • Add command line argument to add a list of bookmarks e.g. lnkstash.exe /addurls "http://xrayz.co.uk/,XRayz Software".
  • Add translations: Chinese Traditional, Greek, Italian and Korean.
  • Translate right-click drag and drop menu.
  • Mark the bookmark file as unsaved when pasting bookmarks to a folder.
  • Show backups found in the bookmark file's path in the Restore dialog.
  • Disable unallowed drop menu items in the right-click drop menu.
  • Remove redundant .portable file from portable install.
  • Build against zlib 1.2.8.
  • Update the help file.
  • Many internal changes and enhancements.
  • Fix LinkStash Monitor file in use prompt during install.
  • Fix typo in Synchronize Bookmarks dialog.
  • Fix drag drop from IE to LinkStash folder pane doesn't create a bookmark.
  • Fix drag drop from IE to LinkStash bookmark pane doesn't create a bookmark.
  • Fix crash when pasting bookmarks with tags between bookmark files.

Version 3.1.0 -- July 26, 2013

  • Unified setup for both portable and computer installation.
  • Copy and paste bookmarks between LinkStash instances (use command line option /newinstance.)
  • Add Chinese Simplified (CHS) translation.
  • New look duplicate URL checker dialog box.
  • New duplicate URL checker code, written from scratch.
  • The duplicate URL checker can now check for duplicates in the same or any other folder.
  • Duplicate URL check specific folders from the folder right-click menu.
  • Duplicate URL check on selected bookmarks.
  • Only show the Check Duplicate button in the Add Bookmark dialog if there are duplicate.
  • Dead link check specific folders from the folder right-click menu.
  • Export bookmark Keywords when exporting to Mozilla/Netscape/HTML format.
  • Delete obsolete lsgrab.exe and lsshow.exe, for lsgrab.exe use new shortcut addbookmark.lnk for lsshow.exe use new shortcut show.lnk.
  • Command line option "/addbookmark" shows the add bookmark dialog box to add a bookmark from the recently active browser.
  • Command line option "/show" shows and activates the main window overriding the minimize on startup option.
  • Command line option "/newinstance" allows multiple instances to run.
  • Move Dead link check from the Bookmark menu to the Tools menu.
  • Move Duplicate URL check from the Bookmark menu to the Tools menu.
  • Move folder right-click Import and Export submenu to a submenu.
  • Fix auto save option ignored.
  • Fix bookmark password lookup fail if duplicate URL exist.
  • Update help file.

Version 3.0.0 -- March 19, 2013

  • Bookmarks openable in a new Internet Explorer tab, new window or active tab.
  • Bookmarks openable in a new Firefox tab, new window or active tab (requires setting browser.link.open_newwindow to 1 in about:config.)
  • Bookmarks openable in a Chrome new window or new tab.
  • Greater search precision, search by date added, date visited, number of visits, rating.
  • The bookmark fie is monitored for changes and is reloaded if changes are detected, this is useful is you have two computers using the same bookmark file. You can even use this with cloud storage like Dropbox.
  • Built-in searches for recently added or recently visited bookmarks.
  • The website title and description fields in the bookmark dialog can be fetched from the website.
  • Drag bookmarks from LinkStash to the desktop or Windows Explorer to create internet shortcuts.
  • Customizable font size for the bookmark pane and folder pane.
  • Copy bookmarks as text in many ways via right-click Copy as text: URL, name, URL & name, HTML link.
  • Display a document icon for document bookmarks.
  • Open bookmarks with Safari, Maxthon2 and Maxthon3.
  • Add bookmarks from from Maxthon2.
  • LinkStash starts/stops with Safari and Maxthon browser.
  • Greater password flexibility allows you to submit the website logon after sending the password without the need to send the user name.
  • You can apply the current sort order to all folders or only the sub-folders.
  • Editable saved search criteria.
  • Import URLs from a text file.
  • Export and import tags.
  • Add menu item to toggle the expanded state of a folder and its sub-folders.
  • Add menu item to create a new sibling folder.
  • LinkStash can automatically Sign Out when the computer goes to sleep.
  • Improved and reorganized the layout of the options dialog box and menus.
  • Option to show or hide obsolete browsers in LinkStash.
  • New menu item to open bookmarks in preferred browser new tab.
  • New menu item to open bookmarks in Windows default browser new tab.
  • Search starts after the Find Bar Text combo box selection changes, this removes the extra step needed to start the search.
  • Activate the find box on startup if the Find Bar focus option is enabled.
  • Display folder name in the Search In combo box (find bar and find settings.)
  • The search folder can be be changed in the find settings dialog.
  • Allow more text to be typed in the find bar box.
  • Allow drag and drop URLs from Opera and others.
  • The Escape key closes the Add Bookmark dialog box.
  • Pasting text containing multiple URLs (1 per line) adds multiple bookmarks.
  • New bookmarks field: Keyword and Description.
  • Ability to add doc or folder bookmarks from the toolbar.
  • Make the duplicate warning more vivid in the Add bookmark dialog.
  • Import and exporting tags and highlights via LinkStash proprietary format.
  • The Highlight menu is now in the Folder and Bookmark menu.
  • User selectable IE Favorites path in the Sync dialog.
  • Hide unused browsers from the Open With popup menu to make it cleaner.
  • If backup fails when updating the bookmark file then prompt again for backup.
  • Increase File menu most recently used text so paths aren't shortened.
  • Increase File menu most recently used list to 15.
  • Display the bookmark file full path in the main window title, in portable mode also display the relative path.
  • Add a New Folder button to the export IE Favorites browse dialog.
  • Drag & drop a bookmark file on LS title bar opens the file.
  • Highlight manager dialog interface improvements.
  • Better URL retrieval (ensure http scheme and trailing slash) when bookmarking from Chrome.
  • Add description field and column ordering to the passwords list dialog.
  • To ensure privacy when the password list dialog is open, it closes when automatically signed out.
  • Improved password lookup by adding options to find the password from a bookmark even if the browser URL doesn't match the bookmark URL completely.
  • Passwords list dialog column ordering via left click drag and drop.
  • Add toolbar buttons to open bookmarks with Safari and Maxthon.
  • Add choice to open an existing bookmark file in the Setup Wizard.
  • Add option to select bookmarks via keyboard if the find box is active. Shift + Up/Down changes the bookmark selection up/down. Shift + Enter activates the bookmark. Useful for opening a bookmark if several are listed in the results, there's no need to type more search text.
  • Disable the Skip button in the add bookmark dialog if adding only 1 bookmark.
  • Change search option "locate bookmark on double-click" to make it clearer.
  • Move all the Saved Search menu items to the Find button dropdown menu.
  • All menus and dialog buttons use sentence-style capitalisation.
  • Move confirmation prompt options to their own dialog.
  • Rename My Order to Custom order.
  • On drag and drop from an external app, don't block the external app during bookmark edit.
  • Fix inability to to drag bookmarks to some browsers.
  • Fix the taskbar button appearing depressed when starting minimized.
  • Fix incorrect selection range in various list controls.
  • Other minor fixes.

Version 2.1.3 -- May 23, 2012

  • Fix LinkStash and LSMon not recognising Chrome 19.0.1084.46.
  • Add Dutch translation to installer.

Version 2.1.2 -- February 7, 2012

  • Add Turkish translation.
  • Add Swedish translation.
  • Fix setup wizard hotkeys not always saved to the options dialog box.
  • Fix setup wizard hotkeys not correctly enabled.
  • Fix setup wizard import stock bookmarks choice is ignored.
  • Fix setup wizard invalid path error when in portable mode.
  • Fix bookmark name is truncated when bookmarks added from Chrome under certain circumstances.

Version 2.1.1 -- August 27, 2011

  • When searching, hitting the Enter key opens the currently selected bookmark (if search as you type is enabled) so no need to use the mouse to open the bookmark.
  • Firefox bookmark keywords are now imported into the comment field.
  • Setup wizard detects correct path for Opera.
  • Fix unable to bookmark Opera URLs.
  • Fix unable to bookmark Chrome 13 URLs.
  • Fix LinkStash not starting with Chrome.
  • Fix adding bookmarks from non-English Chrome.
  • Fix LSMon accidentally restarting LinkStash.
  • Fix bug where LinkStash thinks the system default browser path is empty.
  • Fix "could not add the bookmark" message if Thunderbird open.
  • Don't show "path doesn't exist" message in backup options even if "backup to path" unselected.

Version 2.1.0 -- April 23, 2010

  • You can bookmark not only websites, but documents, files and folders too. These bookmarks can be searched and tagged just like regular bookmarks.
  • If you bookmark a document, opening the bookmark opens the document with the associated program.
  • If you bookmark a program file, opening the bookmark starts the program.
  • If you bookmark a folder, opening the bookmark opens the folder in Windows Explorer.
  • The dead link checker also checks document, file and folder bookmarks. If you delete the file, the link checker reports it as not found.
  • Import and export bookmarks from one LinkStash file to another. This enables you to export a subset of bookmarks. Bookmark passwords are not exported.
  • When you import bookmarks, they're merged so that duplicate bookmarks are not created in the same folder. If a bookmark exists, it's simply updated with details from the imported bookmark.
  • When LinkStash makes a backup, you can choose to save the backup to a storage device such as a USB flash drive. To do this click Tools, Options, Advanced, then click the Backup button.
  • LinkStash makes several backups of the bookmark file because one backup is not enough. The number of backups can now be increased or decreased.
  • Backups can now be configured each time LinkStash auto saves - instead of just when you exit. It's useful if you rarely exit LinkStash. To avoid unnecessary backups, auto backup is performed when the recent backup is a day or more old.
  • Backup performance improved.
  • LinkStash can now start and stop with Google Chrome.
  • Works with latest version of Chrome (
  • Add version resource to lsmon.exe.
  • The beep sound that you hear when a search results in no matches can now be turned off.
  • If a bookmark has notes, an exclamation mark appears in the tab title of the properties dialog box to make you aware without the need to click on the tab.
  • Ctrl+A in the notes tab selects all text.
  • Toolbar buttons for dead link check (visible by default) and Chrome browser. Right-click the toolbar and click Customize to customize it.
  • Fix for the find box sometimes receiving input focus when it shouldn't.
  • Fix dead link check ignoring the exclude setting when re-checking previous failures or checking the open folder.
  • Fix 'empty deleted bookmarks on exit' not saving the changes.
  • Removed support for Windows 98, minimum required is Windows 2000.

Version 2.0.13 -- September 3, 2009

  • Fix incompatibility when adding bookmarks from Chrome
  • Fix MRU (Most Recently Used) file list not loading files with relative path names.
  • Paths in options browser tab reports an invalid file location when it's valid.
  • Add Czech translation.
  • Add German translation.

Version 2.0.12 -- January 12, 2009

  • Add experimental support for Google Chrome browser.
  • Add Spanish translation (GUI and Help.)
  • Show the localized Print Dialog instead of it always being in English.
  • The tooltip for the Tag toolbar button displays the wrong accelerator.
  • Fix bug with sync not deleting folders in IE Favorites.

Version 2.0.11 -- August 1, 2008

  • When entering suspend mode power-management LinkStash will now automatically sign out.
  • Better support for relative paths in portable mode. This change means you may need to re-open the bookmark file if it's not found the first time.
  • The most recently used file list (at the bottom of the file menu) now shows more of the path instead of just the file name.
  • Allow import of comments on multiples lines in a Firefox2 bookmark file.
  • Fixes bug with non-ASCII chars appearing as garbage when viewing an exported HTML bookmark file in a browser.
  • Fix the Help button in the Password Required dialog failing to launch Help.

Version 2.0.10 -- April 13, 2008

  • Add Brazilian Portuguese language GUI.
  • Add Chinese (Simplified) language GUI.
  • Add Chinese (Traditional) language GUI.
  • Update French language GUI.
  • Add Italian language GUI.
  • Add Korean language GUI.
  • Fix bug importing Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape bookmarks where it's possible the bookmark name is incorrectly imported.
  • Fix crash when the bookmark InfoTip displays a lot of text.
  • Minor tweaks.

Version 2.0.9 -- March 3, 2008

  • Improve synchronizing of bookmarks when updating LS from IE.
  • Fix bug when copying a LinkStash bookmark containing a non-ASCII URL (e.g. a Chinese URL) can't be pasted correctly.
  • Fix bug in portable mode where settings containing special chars may not read correctly.
  • Fix bug in portable mode where some Unicode strings are not decoded correctly.
  • Fix bug that prompts you to convert the bookmark file each time it's opened if no changes were made to it after the conversion.
  • Fix bug where arbitrary entries appear in the FindBar history combobox in portable mode under certain circumstances.
  • Fix bug where tip of the day doesn't display is portable mode.
  • Fix bug where pasting Unicode text directly into the main window (which creates a new bookmark) isn't decoded as Unicode.
  • Keep track of the standard toolbar configuration version so new default buttons can be added in future releases without having to reset the toolbar.

Version 2.0.8 -- December 17, 2007

  • Add a compression option to advanced tab to change the compression level of the saved bookmark file.
  • Improved performance when saving bookmarks files that have lots (e.g. 30,000+) of bookmarks.
  • The following files are no longer part of the portable archive: lsgrab.exe and lsshow.exe - they are not required in portable mode.
  • After entering the serial name/number the thank-you message now displays the product type purchased (LinkStash or LinkStash Family Pack.)
  • When running in portable mode without a serial number a message displays appropriate text instead of saying trial expired.
  • Setup wizard option 'start with browser' should default to unchecked in portable mode.
  • Windows Vista users will no longer see an "unidentified program" warning when launching the uninstaller from outside of Control Panel.
  • Fix issue with LinkStash portable, it shouldn't remove the LinkStash entry from Start Menu|Startup group.
  • Fix crash when re-creating a new bookmark file under certain situations.
  • Fix crash when LinkStash creates the bookmark file for the first time under Windows 98 only.
  • Fix bug where it was impossible to exit LinkStash without saving the bookmark file in certain situations.
  • Fix issue with portable mode not remembering its settings on some systems. A side effect is that everyone must re-enter their settings (including the serial number) one more time in portable mode.
  • Other minor tweaks.

Version 2.0.6 -- November 2, 2007

  • Bookmark URL checker (dead link check.)
  • Sync with IE favorites.
  • Allow tags (keywords) to be added to bookmark properties.
  • Portable version to run on portable drive (e.g USB pen drive.)
  • Bookmarks can be assigned specific browsers to open with via bookmark properties.
  • Add Back and Forward history commands to select the previous folder.
  • Add comment field to folders.
  • Add notes to bookmarks, notes are like comments but for longer text.
  • Compress the bookmark LNS file by approx 80% in size (tests show a 100k lns file shrinks to 20k.)
  • Allow bookmark properties to be reset/edited: visit count, date visited and date added.
  • GUI to customize (add, delete, rename) predefined tags.
  • International (Unicode) language support for all text fields.
  • Columns can be added or removed from the bookmark list.
  • When exporting IE Favorites the Date Added is exported as the creation date.
  • When importing IE Favorites the creation date is imported as the Date Added.
  • Export options: include bookmark comments to be exported.
  • Password: when auto-submit password is enabled allow user to specify number of tabs to reach the password field from the username field.
  • IE integration can be turned on/off in tools|options.
  • Option to empty deleted bookmarks on exit (general tab.)
  • Statistics showing number of folders, bookmarks, unique/duplicate URLs, how many passwords (if signed in) etc..
  • Allow Tags to be assigned to bookmarks via the bookmark pane.
  • Change rating range from 0-100 to 0-10.
  • Add Rating submenu to bookmark pane right-click menu, all selected bookmarks are affected.
  • Send bookmarks by mail as an HTML file attachment (LS1 only allows File|Mail of a LNS file.)
  • Add shortcut keys (accelerators) to many menu items.
  • Better looking images for disabled toolbar buttons.
  • Search criteria can be saved as a preset and recalled with a single click.
  • Add Find to folder pane right-click menu.
  • Add option to search folder comments.
  • Add option to search tags.
  • Improve FindBar by adding a combobox to search: OpenFolderOnly, AllFolders or IncludeSubfolders (like CC3.)
  • AutoFind should not throw up a message box when no results are found because it grabs focus from the search text box.
  • The search text box background will turn red to alert the user that autofind has no results.
  • Make AutoFind (search as you type) the default search method.
  • Add a "Folder" column to the search results list.
  • Search results folder has it's own column layout so is unaffected by changes made to column widths/positions/etc in other folders.
  • Sort by Highlight.
  • Each folder remembers the column it is sorted by, even between sessions.
  • Folders automatically sort by name, instead of having to select sort by name each time.
  • Option to encrypt the whole bookmark file allowing access only with master password.

Version 1.7.3 -- July 4, 2007

  • Fix bug under Vista where start/stop with web browser option didn't work with Internet Explorer.
  • Fix bug under Vista where highlights dialog box lists some fonts twice, with an @ and without.
  • Fix potential error message in the installer under Vista: "failed to expand shell folder constant userdocs."
  • Improve system tray icon appearance.
  • XP theme ignored because of missing common control dependency in manifest.
  • Remove artifacts from various small (16x16) icons.
  • Export as Netscape file should not export the root folder as a subfolder.
  • Fix crash when opening an LNS file that was saved with a newer or older version of LinkStash.
  • Reduce memory requirements of LSMon.
  • LinkStash installer no longer supports Windows95 (minimum OS required: Win98/NT4.)

Version 1.7.2 -- January 20, 2007

  • Fixed a crash when exporting as HTML or Netscape/Mozilla Bookmarks.

Version 1.7.1 -- January 2007

  • Fixed typos in Tools|OpenWith menu item accelerators.
  • Added Spanish language.
  • Added French language.

Version 1.7.0 -- December 2006

  • Compatibile with Internet Explorer 7 tabs.
  • Improved Firefox 2.0 compatibility.
  • Added shortcut keys (accelerators) for opening bookmarks with specific browsers.
  • Changed the default bookmark password hotkeys to be more compatible with Internet Explorer 7.
  • The FindBar text box is now slightly longer.
  • The Options|Browser tab now shows the long path names instead of the short version.
  • Fixed a bug where the SignIn dialog box wouldn't display on top of Internet Explorer in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking Cancel in the SignIn dialog box resulted in LinkStash submitting a blank password.
  • Fixed a bug in the Options|Browser tab where a blank error dialog box could be displayed under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug in the FindBar where any leading or trailing spaces would be removed.
  • Fixed a bug in the Options|Browser tab where it could report 'Filename does not exist' error message when Firefox is the Windows default browser.

Version 1.6.16 -- December 2005

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a runtime error during uninstallation.

Version 1.6.15 -- December 2005

  • Added support for Firefox 1.5.
  • Added Spanish language.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing enter on a bookmark launched it twice.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow spaces to be typed when using autofind.
  • Bookmark rating column includes a border around the maximum range to give a better visual indication of the rating.
  • Other minor fixes.

Version 1.6.11 -- June 2005

  • Added support for Netscape 8.
  • Fixed a bug with Auto Find where typing overwrites the text in the find box when searching.
  • Fixed a bug with searching when the Search Subfolders setting is unchecked it produced incomplete results.
  • Fixed a bug with printing where a bookmark that did not fit on the end of a page was not printed at the start of the next page.
  • Fixed a bug with the page setup bottom margin.
  • Fixed a bug with Invert Selection (Edit menu) where it did nothing.
  • Note: This version of LinkStash supports Netscape version 7 and newer, if you must use an older version of Netscape then please download a previous version of LinkStash.

Version 1.6.10 -- December 2004

  • Fixed a bug when opening a LinkStash bookmark with Opera, the first time Opera is started in this way it did not show the page.
  • When importing an Opera hotlist, LinkStash starts with a more appropriate folder (this tracks recent changes made in Opera.)
  • When importing Netscape/Mozila bookmarks, the Mozilla Firefox bookmark file is now added to the list of bookmark files to import.
  • When importing bookmarks, non-ASCII characters (i.e. ó) in bookmark names or descriptions are displayed correctly.
  • When adding a bookmark the "last visit" date is now set to match the date the bookmark is added, and the "number of visits" is 1.
  • The Import Netscape Bookmarks Dialog has been redesigned and is now resizable.
  • Fixed a bug with user registration failing when running under a "Limited" user account.

Version 1.6.8 -- March 2004

  • Added support for Mozilla Firefox browser, which replaces Firebird.
  • Optimizations have reduced the executable file size by 10%

Version 1.6.7 -- January 2004

  • FindBar improvements:
    • Search history (previous searches are remembered.)
    • Clear all search history.
    • Locate a bookmark when double clicking a search result (instead of opening it.)
    • Search by folder name.
    • Search by folder complete path name.
  • Improved the speed of FindAll.
  • Fixed bookmark drag and drop, it's no longer possible to insert a bookmark above or below a folder in the folder list.
  • Fixed a bug requiring a user to sign in to send a password even though the security setting for a bookmark password is None.

Version 1.6.4 -- 26 November 2003

  • Fixed a bug where sorting by date (date added or date visited) produced incorrect results.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases multiple instances of LinkStash could be run, resulting in multiple tray icons.

Version 1.6.1 -- November 2003

  • Added Restore to the File > LinkStash File menu to restore from a backup.
  • Added error reporting when exporting IE Favorites fails (for example filename length is over the file system limit.)
  • Added Save To My Order to the View > Arrange Bookmarks By menu, which saves the current order to My Order.
  • Added Import Here to the folder list right-click menu, which imports bookmarks to the selected folder.
  • Added a right-click menu to the bookmark list column header to change the arrangement.
  • Added support for the Mozilla Firebird web browser.
  • Improved the Help file with the addition of an Index tab.
  • When backing up on exit, the backup is made only if the most recent backup file is older than 1 day.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the root bookmark folder to be collapsed when using Collapse All From Here.
  • Drag and drop sorting when not sorted by My Order is now more intuitive.
  • Minor GUI improvements.

Version -- August 2003

  • Added an option to the Sign In dialog that automatically signs out when then screen saver is running.

Version -- April 2003

  • Fixed a bug that did not clear the fields in the Add Bookmark dialog when adding multiple bookmarks.
  • Minor GUI changes.

Version -- March 2003

  • Improved folder drag and drop to provide a visual hint of the target folder.
  • Improved the general options layout.
  • Improved the duplicate checker dialog layout.
  • Improved folder auto collapse and expand: clicking on an already expanded and unselected folder is no longer collapsed.
  • The expanded or collapsed state of a pasted folder is restored instead of always being pasted as a collapsed folder.
  • Buttons no longer flicker when resizing dialog boxes.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception if a folder is deleted with the right-click menu.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception when adding a bookmark from IE.
  • Fixed a bug with the Rename a bookmark with a click on a selected bookmark affecting the status of the Display bookmark InfoTip option and vice-versa.
  • Fixed a bug with various File Open dialog boxes not being shown under Windows98, i.e. Import Opera or clicking a browser in browser options.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Version -- March 2003

  • Folders can be organized in to any order by drag and drop. Previously, the folder list was permanently sorted alphabetically.
  • Bookmarks can be organized in any order with the new command View > Arrange Bookmarks By > My Order.
  • Password support for bookmarks has been added.
  • Bookmark passwords are stored securely using encryption.
  • Authentication through a master password ensures privacy and security of encrypted information.
  • Added hotkeys for typing the user name, password and custom text fields of a bookmark.
  • Searching has been improved:
    • Added Edit > Find All to display complete search results in a Search Results folder.
    • Added Auto Find All and Auto Find Next to automatically search as you type.
    • The search text is now space delineated. For example, searching for "xrayz software" matches a bookmark that contains either "xrayz" or "software".
    • Logic settings allow you to search for bookmarks that are partial or complete matches.
    • Specific fields, such as URL or Comment, etc., can be excluded/included from the search.
    • Subfolders can be excluded/included from the search.
    • A search can be started from the beginning for new searches (i.e. when the search text has been changed.)
    • Three clicks in the Find textbox highlights all words in the box.
  • Deleted bookmarks are moved to a Deleted Bookmarks folder (hold Shift down while deleting to delete permanently.)
  • Most dialogs are sizable, including the Add Bookmark Dialog.
  • You are no longer asked if you want to add a duplicate bookmark. Instead the Add Bookmark Dialog is displayed and a URL Already Bookmarked button appears. Clicking it will bring up a Check Duplicates Dialog.
  • Bookmarks can be exported to an HTML file.
  • Highlights for bookmarks and folders are chosen with the right-click menu, instead of having to go through Bookmark Properties.
  • Highlights can be applied in bulk. Highlights are now applied to all selected bookmarks.
  • LinkStash can now maintain multiple backups of the LinkStash file, using file rotation.
  • Added Display Bookmark InfoTip for n seconds option to general options page.
  • Added Backup (with rotation) the bookmark file on exit option to advanced options page.
  • Added Auto Save the bookmark file every n minutes option to advanced options page.
  • Favorites can now be dragged from Internet Explorer and dropped into LinkStash.
  • Bookmark ratings now appear alongside graphical bars for improved visualization.
  • Added an Apply button to the Bookmark Properties dialog. This button applies changes while the dialog is visible.
  • Pressing the Tab key switches activation between the folder list, bookmark list and the find bar if, it's visible.
  • Added new Print and Info Bar tokens:
    • %21 Full path name of bookmark, i.e. "My folder/Software/Shareware".
    • %22 Parent name only of bookmark, i.e. "Shareware".
  • Added File > Save Copy As to save a copy of the bookmark file with a new name.
  • Added Automatically expand and collapse folders to general options page that, when checked, expands one folder at a time.
  • Added Tools > Open All In Folder (and folder right-click menu) to open all bookmarks in the selected folder.
  • Added Sort by Name to the folder list right-click menu to alphabetically arrange subfolders.
  • Dragging and hovering over a folder results in the folder expanding.
  • Added support for Netscape7, Mozilla and NetCaptor.
  • When exporting bookmarks to Internet Explorer Favorites, you can now choose to delete any existing Favorites.
  • Import/Export Internet Explorer dialog now remembers its settings.
  • Added View > Refresh (F5) to refresh the window contents.
  • The Add Bookmark dialog is now sizable. Size and position are now remembered.
  • Improved Opera Hotlist importing to tolerate bad formatting.
  • Imported bookmarks are imported into the root LinkStash folder instead of being imported to an "Imported browser-name" subfolder.
  • Duplicates URLs are checked when importing bookmarks. An existing LinkStash bookmark will have its details updated to match that of the imported bookmark.
  • File > Backup now performs a save and backup of the bookmark file.
  • Rearranged folder right-click menu.
  • The root folder can no longer be collapsed.
  • Folder conforms more to Internet Explorer behaviour:
    • When right-clicking a folder, the folder is not selected.
    • When pasting, the pasted folder is always collapsed.
  • File > Import > Opera skips the redundant step that asks you to select an Opera hotlist. Instead it goes straight to the open file dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that caused actions to be performed on folders instead of the expected bookmark pane.
  • Fixed various drag and drop bugs, such as when dropping a folder on to its parent caused it to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug with bookmark sorting that sometimes swapped positions of identical entries.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Version -- February 2002

  • Added support for printing bookmarks. This is available by clicking Print (File menu.)
  • Added a Page Setup tab to Options. This is available either by clicking Options (Tools menu) and selecting the Printing tab, or more directly by clicking Page Setup (File menu.)
  • Added an option to show grid lines in the bookmark pane. This is set up in the General tab in Options (Tools menu.)
  • Added a tip of the day at startup.
  • Added bookmarklets to LinkStash's stock bookmarks. Bookmarklets allow you to modify the way you see someone else's web page.
  • Added a Tip of the Day menu item to the Help menu. It shows the next tip of the day.
  • Fixed a bug where double tooltips were displayed in the standard toolbar.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in no duplicates being found when checking for duplicates via menu item Duplicated URLs (Tools menu.)
  • Fixed a bug where Netscape was not being detected as the last active browser window when grabbing URLs.
  • The toolbar is no longer displayed using true-color under Windows95.
  • Uninstalling LinkStash now gives you the option of deleting any bookmark files you have created in the installation folder or in My Documents.
  • Added a Support menu item to the Help|XRayzOnTheWeb menu.
  • Improved importing of Netscape bookmarks.
  • When exporting bookmarks as Netscape format, the comment field is now exported.
  • Renamed Arrange Icons By (View menu) to Arrange Bookmarks By.
  • When the text has been changed in the Find Bar text-box, the search will now start from the first bookmark (I.E. from the root folder) when Find Next is clicked.

Version -- January 2002

  • Initial release.
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