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Translation Credits (3.5.2)

Language Program Translation Help File Translation
Chinese (Simplified) LCS (3.4)
Chinese (Traditional) LoveFish
LCS (3.4)
French Colok
German Dieter Matissek
Volker Schmidt
Greek Nickolas Karasavidis Nickolas Karasavidis (3.3)
Italian Donato G. Tiralongo
Rinaldo M. aka Whiteshark
Donato G. Tiralongo (3.2.2)
Korean Yusiaa
Portuguese (Brazilian) Milton Chaves de Almeida (3.4)
Spanish Francisco J Arrillaga & R Verduzco
Russian Sergey Bolyasnyi

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LinkStash (latest version)
LinkStash 3.7.1
LinkStash 3.7.0
LinkStash 3.6.0 Beta
LinkStash 3.5.2
LinkStash 2.1.3
LinkStash 1.7.3

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