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Windows 10/8/7 (32-bit and 64-bit compatibility)
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For a complete history of changes see the changelog.

Summary of improvements in LinkStash 3 since 2.1.3.

  • Bookmark bar displays the bookmark's properties docked to the side of the main window.
  • Improve search results by prefixing a search word with - (dash) to exclude words from the search results. For example (ignore quotes):
    "news -sport -politics" matches news but without sport or politics
    "-fiction" matches everything without fiction.
  • Ability to generate complex passwords (Tools menu, Password generator) with customisable settings.
  • Unified setup for both portable and computer installation.
  • Command line option "/newinstance" allows multiple instances to run.
  • Copy and paste bookmarks between LinkStash instances.
  • The duplicate URL checker can now check for duplicates in the same or any other folder.
  • Duplicate URL check specific folders from the folder right-click menu.
  • Duplicate URL check on selected bookmarks.
  • Dead link check specific folders from the folder right-click menu.
  • Bookmarks can open in a new browser tab (Internet Explorer and Firefox), new window (Chrome.)
  • Greater search precision, search by date added, date visited, number of visits, rating.
  • The bookmark fie is monitored for changes and is reloaded if changes are detected, this is useful is you have two computers using the same bookmark file. You can even use this with cloud storage like Dropbox.
  • Built-in special searches for recently added or recently visited bookmarks.
  • The website title and description fields in the bookmark dialog can be fetched from the website.
  • Drag bookmarks from LinkStash to the desktop or Windows Explorer to create internet shortcuts.
  • Customizable font size for the bookmark pane and folder pane.
  • Bookmarks can be copied as text in many ways: URL, name, URL & name, HTML link.
  • Bookmarks can be opened with Safari, Maxthon2 and Maxthon3.
  • Bookmarks can be added from from Maxthon2.
  • LinkStash starts/stops with Safari and Maxthon browser.
  • Greater password flexibility allows you to submit the website logon after sending the password without the need to send the user name.
  • You can apply the current sort order to all folders or only the sub-folders.
  • Editable saved search criteria.
  • Import URLs from a text file.
  • Export and import tags.
  • LinkStash can automatically Sign Out when the computer goes to sleep.
  • Improved and reorganized the layout of the options dialog box and menus.
  • Option to show or hide obsolete browsers in LinkStash.
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