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Windows 10/8/7 (32-bit and 64-bit builds)
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Version 3.8.0 -- 18th May 2022

  • Capture from Snip & Sketch and other programs that don't provide device independent bitmap.
  • Unicode symbols in file names are now captured when copying files to the clipboard.
  • Fix potential memory read error.

Version 3.7.1 -- 3rd April 2022

  • Fix unable to sort search results.
  • Improve installer appearance.

Version 3.7.0 -- 28th November 2020

  • Option to change the Active Capture Folder whenever a folder is selected. Enable with folder right-click menu.
  • Retain the selection state of each clip when sorting clips.
  • When selecting multiple clips the preview pane displays the focused clip, instead of an empty preview.
  • Improve Source URL retrieval success when copying images from certain web browsers.
  • Improve folder view appearance with full row select, highlight on mouse over and no lines.
  • Improve clip list view appearance.
  • Improve ClipMenu appearance with full row select, highlight on mouse over, no lines and no the title bar.
  • Improve Favorite Clips dialog with minor layout changes.
  • Fix Favorites dialog obscures editing Clip Properties.
  • Fix preview pane image scaling.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Minimum OS requirement Windows 7 SP 1, remove Vista support.

Version 3.6.3 -- 26th May 2019

  • Source URL no longer requires Capture HTML option to be enabled.
  • Improve installer appearance.
  • Fix converting RTF clips to plain text results in garbage text.

Version 3.6.2 -- 2nd April 2019

  • Fix Update Check Dialog showing too often.
  • Fix unable to convert certain clips to plain text.

Version 3.6.1 -- 5th September 2018

  • Fix selected clip in search results not updating the preview pane.
  • Fix serial number and options reset when Windows starts under certain circumstances.

Version 3.6.0 -- 26th July 2018

  • Automatically capture Unicode text when copying non-ASCII text.
  • Unified setup for both portable and desktop installation.
  • Allow portable install evaluation/trial mode.
  • Main window icon can be changed if window_icon.ico file exists in the app dir. To change the taskbar icon use Start Menu icon properties.
  • Several performance improvements.
  • Minimum required OS: Windows Vista.
  • Fix ClipCache not responding during Windows shutdown under certain circumstances.
  • Minor fixes.

Version 3.5.4 -- 5th March 2018

  • Fix potential runtime error at startup.
  • Update database engine.
  • Minor tweaks.

Version 3.5.3 -- 14th November 2013

  • Add Polish translation.

Version 3.5.2 -- 19th December 2011

  • New translations: Turkish and Hindi.
  • Existing translations included in the installer: Chinese (Traditional) and Swedish.
  • Russian help file installed for Russian language installation.
  • Japanese translation can be installed but is not fully translated.
  • Fix issue with disappearing favorite clips.
  • Fix wildcards ignored when searching window titles.

Version 3.5.1 -- 24th January 2011

  • Fix the Source field being empty under Windows XP.
  • Fix issue of unexpected Clipboard formats being captured.
  • The 32-bit and 64-bit versions are now included in the same installer. When installing under 32-bit Windows, 32-bit ClipCache is installed. When installing under 64-bit Windows, 64-bit ClipCache is installed.
  • Add translations for: Chinese (Simplified), German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.
  • In the dialog box that states the database needs updating, also ask if a backup is required.
  • Minor UI changes.

Version 3.5.0 -- 27th November 2010

  • You can convert the clipboard to plain text (it removes font styles etc.) by pressing a global hotkey, so no need to open the ClipCache window. For confirmation, a sound can be selected to play when the hotkey is pressed.
  • Add option to automatically paste the clipboard after the 'convert clipboard to plain text' hotkey is pressed.
  • The source program's window title is now stored for each clip. A new column 'Window Title' displays the title of the window that the clip was copied from.
  • Add 'Window Title' to the search choices in the FindBar.
  • Add 'Window Title' and 'Favorites' choices to the merge dialog.
  • Always-on-top (topmost) windows can now be QuickPaste targets, but only if the main window is activated with a hotkey.
  • Display the database file full path in the main window title. In portable mode the relative path is also displayed.
  • The middle mouse button changes the Active Capture Folder and selects it, this works with main window and ClipMenu folders only.
  • The Help window is no longer always on top of (obscuring) the main window.
  • UI improvements.
  • Updated the database engine for better performance and fixes.
  • ClipCache now requires Windows XP or later.
  • Fix issue where under certain circumstances the source app name could be incorrect.
  • Fix issue where the source app name is empty if copying from programs run as administrator.
  • Fix preview pane (Ctrl+E) not working after using the main menu to clean text.
  • Fix delete clip confirmation hidden behind Favorites dialog.
  • Fix garbage text appearing in the body of a clip when NewTextClipWith|xxxx used.
  • Fix issue where if the caret's in the preview pane, NewTextClip doesn't update the preview.

Version 3.4.4 -- 26th November 2009

  • Fix recent clip list pasting twice instead of once when enter is pressed in the dialog.
  • Minor code changes.

Version 3.4.3 -- 21st October 2009 (Repacked 27th October 2009*)

  • When pasting clips to ClipCache that are copied from itself, retain each clip's attributes instead of merging clips into one text clip. This re-enables the ability to export/import clips with copy/exit/run/paste cycle.
  • Play the "duplicate removed" sound when ignoring duplicates consecutive clips (instead of the "not captured" sound.)
  • ClipMenu can be closed by pressing the hotkey again while the ClipMenu is displayed.
  • Repair the clipboard chain when coming out of standby/resuming.
  • Bring Italian help file up to date.
  • Bring Spanish help file up to date.
  • Add Chinese Simplified help file.
  • *Update GUI translations for German, Spanish, Chinese Simplified and Italian.
  • Installation language prompt lists all supported languages (previously only code page compatible languages were listed.)
  • Update database engine (CC database unchanged.)
  • Fix Shift+Enter accelerator not working under certain circumstances.
  • Fix potential capture failure if the clipboard chain is broken (auto-repair failure.)
  • Fix potential crash when trying to open an invalid database.
  • Fix command line switch /exit not working correctly.
  • Fix under certain circumstances the popup windows ClipMenu, Favorites and RecentClips don't popup at the caret's position.
  • Fix under certain circumstances QuickPaste fails to switch to the target window and paste.
  • Fix RecentClips dialog doesn't stay open when enter is pressed on a clip when the dialog is pinned.
  • Fix typos in help.
  • Other internal changes.

Version 3.4.2 -- 23rd March 2009

  • ClipCache is now available as a portable archvie so you can run it on a USB flash drive and take your clips with you wherever you go.
  • You can use same serial number on portable and regular installation.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) specific builds.
  • Hotkeys can be assigned to individual clips for instant pasting.
  • Importing a CC2.9 database now also imports the hotkeys.
  • Add command Edit|FindHotKeyClips (or toolbar) to view all clips that have hotkeys assigned.
  • Add Hotkey column to clip lists.
  • Add new option to ignore duplicate consecutive captures, for improved duplicate clip checking.
  • The search results can be sorted by clicking the column header.
  • Add forward and backward folder history navigation (via toolbar buttons, keyboard or View|GoToFolder).
  • Add hotkey option to enable/disable capturing (Tools|Options|Hotkey).
  • Add option to confirm when deleting clips to trash.
  • Add menu-item (View|GoToFolder|ActiveCaptureFolder Alt+Home) to select the active capture folder.
  • Add option to empty trash on exit (options|advanced tab).
  • Add "/exit" command line argument to exit ClipCache which provides support for portable menu launchers that have customizable "on exit" events.
  • Support Vista's clipboard listener - it's more reliable than the clipboard chain and should put an end to broken clipboard chains under Vista.
  • The MRU (bottom of the File menu) now shows more of the path instead of just the file name.
  • Create a UnicodeText clip when a new text clip is created with prefer Unicode enabled.
  • Updated core libs.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Display "Family Pack" in the about box for Family Pack licenses.
  • No longer ask for email address in the purchase dialog box.
  • Unicode search history is now saved correctly.
  • Fix bug with Shift+Enter accelerator not doing a QuickPaste.
  • Fix bug with possible phantom selection in the clip list.
  • Fix crash with certain regular-expression searches.
  • Fix crash when copying to the clipboard when the File|SaveClip dialog box is open and a clip is saved.
  • Remove support for NT4.
  • Tidy up Options|View tab dialog box.
  • Update help file.
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes.

Version 3.1.4 -- 28th July 2008

  • Add translations for languages: German, Italian, Japanese and Russian.
  • Update existing Spanish and Chinese (Simplified) translations.
  • Removed the pane size minimum restrictions. You can now make the panes (folder, list and preview) as small as you like.
  • The recent clip list copies a selected clip if copy on select is enabled in options. In the previous version it didn't copy.
  • Improved the recent clip list. It now always advances the selection if sticky advance is on. This means only one hotkey press is required to access the previous clipboard instead of two hotkey presses.
  • Minor GUI tweaks.
  • Fix broken link (Find/Replace Text) in help file (in English and Spanish.)
  • Fix bug where under some circumstances a clip would not capture.
  • Fix bug with the Help button not launching help in the check for updates dialog box.
  • Fix bug where the folder pane isn't remembered between sessions under certain circumstances.

Version 3.1.3 -- 7th Mar 2008

  • Add Chinese (Simplified) GUI translation.
  • Customizable tray icon by copying a 16x16 icon file to the app folder, the file names to use are tray_icon.ico and tray_icon_disabled.ico.
  • Long file names are now used for source app names instead of short 8.3 names. Only affects new clips and existing rules (tools|options|capture) are updated to use long names.
  • Fix bug with toolbar button appearance.
  • Remove artifacts from tray icon image.
  • Keep track of the standard toolbar configuration version so new default buttons can be added in future releases without having to reset the toolbar.
  • Prevent potential crash when capturing a clip when database compaction is running.
  • Fix bug where under some circumstances Unicode text may be loaded from the bookmark file as an empty string.
  • Fix bug with the Help button not launching help in the Recent Clip List (RCL) dialog box.
  • Reworked the RCL, it is now much more usable, and the RCL options have been reset to their new defaults.
  • Change RCL dialog so that it doesn't auto-close when clipboard data is rendered. This is because a clipboard monitor can inadvertently cause the RCL to close.
  • The RCL dialog now always grabs input focus (the RCL window is made active.)
  • Allow multi-selection of clips in the RCL.
  • Fix bug where the RCL option to remember the last clip didn't work, the first clip was always selected.
  • RCL dialog control "advance the selection" is now disabled if the sticky select radio button not selected.
  • Default RCL order is Date Added instead of Date Used, this ensures the list order remains the same when the Date Used field is updated on pasting.
  • In the RCL pressing keys: Delete, Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V now delete, copy or QuickPaste a clip.
  • The RCL can now be used in the main window.
  • Set correct HTML content encoding/content meta tag when exporting and displaying an HTML clip.
  • Write a byte order mark (BOM) when saving Unicode clips so text viewers can display the Unicode file correctly.
  • Windows Vista users will no longer see an "unidentified program" warning when launching the uninstaller from outside of Control Panel.

Version 3.1.2 -- 1st Feb 2008

  • Spanish version.
  • Check for updates is no longer mandatory after entering a serial number.
  • Add option to turn off/on program auto-update checks in Options|Advanced tab.
  • Improve HTML clip rendering.
  • Fix bug with HTML clips not saving correctly when trying to save a clip.
  • Fix crash if Windows temp folder is missing.
  • The 'copy on select' option now works for the clips in the search results.
  • Fix bug where the alternate ClipMenu QuickPastes even if the QuickPaste option isn't selected.
  • Fix bug where the FindBar text (and some other text boxes) doesn't retain leading/trailing spaces.
  • Fix typos in help file.
  • Fix menu-item 'Enable Clipboard Routing' accelerator typo and tooltip.

Version 3.1.1 -- 1st May 2007

  • Add option (View tab) to not render URLs as hyperlinks in text clips.
  • Fix bug where searching for Unicode chars displays the error message: Invalid preceding regular expression.
  • Fix bug where the update checker attempts to contact the server too often under certain circumstances.
  • Vertical alignment of edit control in the FindBar is out by a few pixels.
  • Fix bug where after saving a clip the parent folder can't be deleted unless user exits ClipCache or saves to a different folder.
  • Favorite Clips List does not scroll the list when using the arrow up/down keys to selected a clip.
  • Fix bug where the FindBar, FindReplaceInClip, TextClean dialogs and Options|Pasting tab did not save leading or trailing spaces in their text boxes.
  • Fix bug where the alternate ClipMenu quickpastes even if the ClipMenu QuickPaste option isn't selected.

Version 3.1.0 -- 25th November 2006

  • Added option to favour data safety over performance. Default is performance because the data is still very safe (options advanced tab.)
  • Added ClipMenu option for single-expand. Default is enabled.
  • Running a second instance of ClipCache will always show the main window.
  • The DIBitmap display size is preserved (even between sessions.)
  • The ClipMenu now supports a new option to single-click a clip to choose it. All the ClipMenu options have been moved into their own dialog box accessed by a button on the View tab.
  • Don't allow install on Win9x.
  • Signed clipc.exe with XRayz Software certificate.
  • Support Windows Vista (x86).
  • The GoToDisplayPane command now activates the clip list pane if the display pane is already active. This allows toggling between the display and clip list panes.
  • Added ability to copy a (rich) text clip as plain text.
  • Reduced time it takes to hover expand a folder from 2 seconds to 1 second.
  • Made some labels a bit clearer to understand in ClipMenu options dialog.
  • Changed build optimizations for better performance.
  • Fixed typo in no-MRU dialog box.
  • Fixed bug where tokens (e.g. {NAME}) not translated but copied verbatim. This bug only affected tokens between clips, and NOT tokens preceding clips.
  • Fixed a bug in no-MRU dialog where the SaveAs dialog box didn't appear if MyDocuments resolved to a path ending in a backslash.
  • Checking for updates no longer blocks the main thread.
  • Fixed a bug where you could undo "Highlight Clips" *after* deleting the highlight itself. Now the undo history is cleared after deleting a highlight.
  • Fixed a bug where editing an OEMText clip resulted in a blank name for the clip if rename on edit is enabled.
  • Fixed merge bugs: Format name was empty on the merged clip and it was possible under some circumstances text inserted BETWEEN clips was inserted when it shouldn't be.
  • Fix some tooltips that did not display the ampersand.
  • Fix incorrect transparency colour on main program icon at 48x48x256.
  • Fix bug where pressing the Tab key after performing a find did not always toggle activation between the folder and clip list pane.
  • Fix issue with BE date formats.

Version 3.0.33 -- 5th September 2006

All new ClipCache Pro version 3 released.
  • Subfolders (folders within folders) let you organize the clips exactly how you want.
  • Color Highlights can be assigned to folders and clips.
  • The toolbar is customizable.
  • Multi-level Undo and Redo.
  • Search bar to help you quickly access your clips.
  • The Search Results folder contains all the search results in one convenient place.
  • An improved ClipMenu provides immediate access to folders and clips via a hotkey or the system tray.
  • The ClipCache data file is now a single file driven by a small footprint robust SQL database engine.
  • A Recent Clip List allows rapid access the last used clips via a hotkey.
  • Favorite Clips are like hotkey clips with the benefit of only having to remember one hotkey.
  • PowerPaste quickly pastes a consecutive list of clips, ideal for form filling.
  • Capture more clipboard formats than ever before.
  • A tabbed Preview Pane lets you see multi-format clips.
  • View HTML clips as a web page.
  • The improved Prune options helps maintain the size of folders.
  • The customizable Capture Options means you can choose to capture only what you need to capture.
  • Unicode support means international languages are supported.
  • Text Cleanup has been improved, there are many more cleaners and you can create your own.
  • Addressed the issue of ClipCache disconnecting from the Windows Clipboard and not capturing.
  • New and improved HTML help assists you in making the most of ClipCache.

Version 2.9 build 349 -- August 2003

  • New installer.

Version 2.9 build 345 -- 12th December 2000

  • Added new command, File|ArchiveDatabaseAs that will save the database as a copy. Useful for backing up your database.
  • ClipCache will now QuickPaste, FormPaste and AutoPaste into programs that only use Shift+Insert keys for pasting.
  • Advanced options has been extended; a new dialog box helps maintain a list of Shift+Insert paste-only programs.
  • Clips that have shortcut keys assigned to them are also aware of the Shift+Insert window list by default.
  • Clip properties dialog has been extended to cater for the new Shift+Insert window list.
  • View|KeepWindowOpen has been improved; it now ensures the main window always on top during the time when KeepWindowOpen is enabled.
  • The context (right-click) menu can now be displayed by pressing Shift+10 from the keyboard, this conforms with Windows style-guidelines.
  • Where a column's text appears truncated/ellipsis (...) tooltips now appear with the full text.
  • Increased the number of ClipMenu groups shown to a max of 50, and a max of 50 items in each popup.
  • If the taskbar's process (explorer.exe) exits and is subsequently restarted, ClipCache now re-adds its tray-icon automatically.
  • Included the Import plugin in the archive. The Import plugin imports files (bitmap and text) as clips.
  • Included the ROT13 plugin in the archive. ROT-13 provides simple encryption/decryption of text.
  • The main window now restores its maximized state between sessions. Previously if the window was maximized and ClipCache was restarted, the window would always default to restoring to the normal position.
  • Renamed menu item File|SendClipByMail to File|MailClip.
  • Other minor GUI changes.
  • Fixed a bug where File|SaveAs would sometimes not save the database under a different name.
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug in QuickSelect that could sometimes cause an exception, rare but possible.

Version 2.7 -- 6th June 2000

  • ClipCache now supports plug-ins to allow you to extend ClipCache to fit your own needs. A new "Plug-ins" menu has been added.
  • Added plug-ins
    • "Word Count", counts the number of words, characters (with and without spaces) and paragraphs in the clip.
    • "Extract URLs", extracts all URLs embedded within a clip, URLs may be collated into one clip or extracted to individual clips.
    • "Rules", allows actions to be triggered based on the criteria of a clip. An example rule would be to move all clips containing "http:" to the "URLs" group.
    • "Capture Counter", simply keeps a count of the various formats that have been copied. This is useful to track how often you use ClipCache.
  • Confirmation dialogs for "deleting a clip from trash", "emptying trash", "purging a group" and "purging all groups" can be toggled on/off in Tools|Options|Advanced|Confirmations
  • Added a new "Source URL" column to the item pane. This represents the URL where the clip was copied.
  • Added "Go to Source URL" to the item pane right click menu, allowing the web page to be loaded where the clip was captured from.
  • Added command "Keep Window Open" to the View menu and the toolbar to temporarily override any auto-minimization options such as minimize when switching away.
  • Text cleanup operations are now available from an improved Text Cleanup toolbar dropdown button.
  • Edit|Find (and FindNext) has been improved; it now highlights any matching text and scrolls it into view.
  • Edit|Find dialog now allows the "Source Window" and "Source URL" fields to be specified in the search.
  • You can by find the next occurrence of a search string contained in a clip by clicking Edit|FindNextInClip or pressing F4.
  • Added a new text cleanup operation, "MIME encoding" which converts %hex (or =hex) to its ASCII equivalent.
  • Item properties dialog now allows fields to be modified : Name, Source Window and Source URL are all editable.
  • URLs in the preview pane are auto detected and can now be double-clicked on to launch the default browser.
  • Left clicking in the space to the left of the group name now changes the "active group". This allows the active group to be changed without the need to select the group.
  • Text word wrap is now remembered between sessions.
  • Added "ClipCache Starts When Windows Starts" to Startup options.
  • Added a startup delay in Startup options. So, if ClipCache starts when Windows starts, you can now specify a delay to allow other applications to start first.
  • ClipCache options are saved out on a per user basis, so each person that logs onto Windows can have their own set of options; instead of all options being system wide.
  • Added accelerator SHIFT+ENTER to Edit|QuickPaste menu item. Pressing SHIFT+ENTER will paste the clip to the last used program.
  • Holding down SHIFT when double-clicking a clip will QuickPaste the clip to the last used program. Note: double-click action must be enabled in Tools|Options|General.
  • Holding down SHIFT+CONTROL when double-clicking a clip will FormPaste the clip to the last used program. Note: double-click action must be enabled in Tools|Options|General.
  • The hotkey for the main window minimizes the window if it's already active.
  • Added Tip Of The Day to the Help menu.
  • The first time ClipCache is run, you are now prompted to create a database. The default behaviour was to create the database in ClipCache's installation folder.
  • FormPaste automatically moves to the next clip in the item pane.
  • FormPaste toolbar button has been improved to allow multiple form pastes to be processed in one-click.
  • Right-click drag-drop (with popup menu) is now supported, instead of only left-click drag-drop.
  • Capture settings now have their own dialog, accessible via the Advanced options tab.
  • Moved option "Update names of clips after editing" from Window to General options tab.
  • ClipCache should no longer be required in the start menu; it now uses the registry to run when you start windows.
  • The database format has changed; the new format is not compatible with older versions of ClipCache. Databases will automatically be converted to the new format without data loss.
  • Double-clicking a group no longer sets the groups as active.
  • "Remove Linebreaks" (text cleanup) now keeps paragraphs 1 empty line apart.
  • When copying from groups that have their clips sorted "by Position", the clip it not moved to the top of the list when "Move clip to top of list on copy" is enabled in options.
  • ClipCache uses the registry to store all program options.
  • Minor changes to the capture code.
  • Renamed menu item Terminate in the File menu to Exit.
  • Clip hotkeys are now called Shortcut-keys. The clip's properties and other dialogs have been updated to reflect this.
  • View|ShortcutKeys accelerator has now been moved to Ctrl+K.
  • Fixed a bug the prevented the database from automatically loading at startup.
  • Preview pane word wrap would always default to "wrap enabled" when selecting a clip. It now remembers the word wrap setting correctly.
  • When clicking Options in the tray menu, ClipCache's main window used to open. It now stays minimised.
  • ClipCache used to complain if you tried to open a database that was read-only. Read-only database files can now be read, for example to allow a database to be shared over a network.

Version 2.6 -- 10th December 1999

  • Added formatting operations:
    • Text -> Lines -> Paragraph Spacing
    • Text -> Case -> Transpose
    • Text -> Case -> Sentence
    • Text -> Case -> Sentence Strict
    • Text -> Case -> Word
    • Text -> Case -> Word Strict
  • Added command "by Position" (View->Sort menu) to support manual sorting of clips.
  • Item pane clips can be arranged in any order by dragging and dropping (requires sort by position to be enabled)
  • Groups can be arranged in any order by dragging and dropping.
  • Each group remembers the sort criteria used in the item pane. I.E. it is possible to have "New Clips" group sorted by date and "Trash" group sorted by size.
  • Added command "Maximize Preview Pane" (View menu) - also on the toolbar - that toggles the preview pane size between normal and maximized.
  • Added command "Page Setup" (File menu) to allow the page margins to be set for printing.
  • Added support for immediate pasting of clips when an item hotkey is pressed. Three methods of pasting: Copy only, Ctrl+V and Shift+Insert.
  • Added command "HotKeys" (View menu) that brings up a new window allowing maintenance of all clip hotkeys in one central place.
  • Added command "Convert To Plain Text" (Text menu.)
  • Added option (general tab) "Update names of text clips after editing in the preview pane."
  • Added a "Reverse" order button to the Merge dialog.
  • Added a "Delete merged clips" option to the Merge dialog.
  • Added "Print" toolbar button.
  • Added "Print" and "Cleanup Text" to the item pane right-click menu.
  • Added "Sort by Name" to the group pane right-click menu.
  • The database format has changed; the new format is not compatible with older versions of ClipCache.
  • The command "View HotKey Items Only" (View menu) has been replaced by a more powerful command "HotKeys" (View menu).
  • If Autoload fails it now prompts for an alternate file to be loaded.
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug where "Save As..." (File menu) would save the files correctly, but appended captures to the original datafile instead of the new "saved as" file.
  • Fixed a bug where the use of the File menu "most recently used" entries did not correctly handle attempting to load a nonexistent file.
  • Fixed a bug where merging text from a group that is not active meant the item pane had to be refreshed for the clip to be visible.

Version 2.5 -- 6th September 1999

  • Rich Text clipboard format support (font size, type, colour, etc. attributes are retained.)
  • Added a "Print" command (prints all formats.)
  • Added preview pane word-wrapping toggle.
  • Added preview pane in-place editing.
  • Added preview pane context menu.
  • Added preview pane "Find and Replace Text" dialog.
  • Added command File|Send Clip by Email. Clips can be sent by email (including images as attachments) through MAPI.
  • Added a new feature: ClipMenu. When invoked by a hotkey, displays a popup menu of clips right in the application you are working in. Groups appear as submenus on the popup, this makes accessing and pasting clips even more flexible and quicker.
  • The ClipMenu can be included on the system tray menu to allow access of multiple groups via submenus.
  • Added more text formatting operations:
    • Trim '>' indentation (ideal for heavily quoted email/newsgroup text)
    • Trim '|' indentation
    • Trim ':' indentation
    • Trim Space indentation
    • Trim Tab indentation
    • Strip < > from email addresses.
    • Strip 'HTML tags'
  • Added a "Cleanup Text" dialog allowing all formatting operations to be simultaneous processed (settings can be saved as pre-sets for later use.)
  • Added "AutoPaste" which when enabled, will automatically paste whatever you copy into a chosen target window.
  • The "Find Clip" dialog now supports finding "special characters" (ie: newline, tab, linefeed, etc) within the content of a clip.
  • The "Find and Replace Text" dialog supports finding and replacing special characters.
  • The "Merge" dialog now allows you to specify text, including special characters, to be inserted between clips when merging.
  • The QuickSelect tool-tip has been improved:
    • The tip displays current clip number out of the total number of clips.
    • Clicking on the tool-tip will paste the clip into the active application.
  • The Item pane column headers can now be positioned in any order (from left to right) by clicking on the column header and dragging to a new position.
  • Added support for saving Rich Text clips as a separate file.
  • Added accelerator Ctrl+M to "Text | Merge Text Clips".
  • Added capture options (advanced tab) to support Rich Text.
  • "View | Set Font" menu command has been moved into the Text menu.
  • Preview pane editing means the editor dialog is no longer required, and has been removed.
  • Copy and Pasting while renaming a clip now works much more intuitively.
  • The Options|General page has been modified to incorporate new ClipMenu features.
  • Performance and user-interface enhancements.
  • Improved the clip capture code.
  • Small bug fixes.

Version 2.19a -- 10th May 1999

  • On start-up the group column width defaults to the previous group splitter window width. If this was zero width, the groups would appear invisible (zero width) even when expanding the splitter - now defaults to a reasonable width if this is the case.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented images from being pasted into various apps.
  • Fixed "The picture is too large and will be truncated" warning.

Version 2.19 -- 4th April 1999

  • Added new feature "FormPaste" which pastes the selected clip into the most recently used application and then TABs to the next field.
  • Added a Hotkey page to options dialog.
  • Added command Tools|RepairClipboardChain, re-establishes a connection to the clipboard.
  • Added command View|AlwaysOnTop (Ctrl+T), makes ClipCache's window the topmost.
  • Added command Tools|PurgeGroup to allow purging of just one group.
  • Added option "When selecting a group, re-select the last selected clip " to the window options page.
  • Added option "show gridlines in item pane" to the window options page.
  • Added option "full row select in item pane" to the window options page.
  • Added option "Capture Delay" to the advanced options page.
  • Added "Source" column to the item pane.
  • Added context menu for item pane column header.
  • Added menu: View|Sort Ascending Order, byName, bySize, byFormat, byDate, bySource.
  • Added accelerator Ctrl+I for Tools|Options.
  • Re-organised context menus.
  • Removed accelerator Ctrl+N from File|New.
  • Changed accelerator for CreateNewTextClip from Ctrl+T to Ctrl+N.
  • Changed Tools|CaptureClips accelerator from Ctrl+U to Ctrl+R.
  • The command Edit|Paste in ClipCache now pastes to the selected group (not the active group). Copying from an application still captures to the active group however.
  • If autoload disabled, user is alerted to create a data file.
  • Cutting/Pasting from within ClipCache now keeps each individual clip intact (rather than merging). The merged result is also kept on the clipboard for pasting into other apps.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the QuickSelect tooltip to grab focus, thus preventing pasting into the application you are working in until the tip was destroyed.
  • Fixed Text|RemoveLinebreaks which was eating 2 CRLFs and not keeping paragraphs separate.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash if IDX/DAT files were missing.
  • Minor fixes.

Version 2.12 -- 18th December 1998

  • Added Tools|CaptureClips accelerator Ctrl+U, making it easier to re-establish a (broken) clipboard connection.
  • Improved the capturing process.
  • If "Copy clip at the top of the list to the clipboard" in Tools|Options|Startup was enabled, the first capture would be ignored.
  • Disk space was not being correctly reclaimed after editing clips.

Version 2.11 -- 28th November 1998

  • Added an option to copy the clip at the top of the list to the clipboard, on startup.
  • Added command Next Pane to the view menu (shortcut Shift+Tab.)
  • Added command Help Pointer to the Help menu (shortcut Shift+F1.)
  • The Item pane receives input focus on startup, instead of the Group pane.
  • The tray menu reflects the selected group (including sort order), instead of the active group.
  • Bitmaps that exceed the capture limit are rejected much earlier (prior to any processing.)
  • Two new commands Next Pane and Previous Pane replace 'Switch Pane' in the view menu.
  • Quick paste target failure when window on top is disabled - fixed.
  • Bitmaps were not correctly captured from specific apps - fixed.

Version 2.1 -- 7th November 1998

  • Added a Quick Paste feature to enable immediate pasting into the most recently active application.
  • Added a Quick Paste toolbar button.
  • Added an option to display the Quick Paste target in ClipCache's main window title.
  • Added an option to use Quick paste when double-clicking an item.
  • Added an option to use Quick Paste with the system tray.
  • Added an option "Minimize when switching away."
  • Added a "Window" tab to the Options dialog.
  • Restructured the Options dialog.
  • Added a delete button to the Merge dialog.
  • Improved the Merge dialog GUI.
  • ClipCache "not capturing" tray no-entry icon has been removed in favour of a cross.
  • If no datafile is loaded a warning message is displayed in the item pane.
  • Minor GUI improvments.
  • Some users report repainting problems when resizing the item pane columns - fixed.
  • Preview pane scroll arrows scrolled an unintuitive amount. Now scrolls a line at a time.
  • Preview pane scrollbars failed to proportionally re-size immediately after changing the font with View|SetFont - fixed.
  • Autosave verbosely fails when the datafiles are in use, for example, by backup software. Now fails quietly.
  • Allowed an out of range value in the options for "Show N clips in the system tray". Now repeatedly prompts until a number within range is entered.

Version 2.0 -- 7th October 1998

  • Added options:
    • The window Close ('X') button terminates ClipCache.
    • Hide window after drag-drop to app from ClipCache.
    • Compact on startup.
    • Always show ClipCache in the Windows task bar.
    • Capture enhanced metafiles.
    • Move an item to the top of the list on copying to clipboard.
  • Added Edit|Find Clips and Edit|FindNext commands.
  • Complete re-write of fundamental operations.
  • OLE is used (instead of Win32 Clipboard API) for Clipboard handling.
  • Improved drag-drop support:
    • All supported formats can be dragged from ClipCache.
    • All supported formats can be dragged to ClipCache (either Group or Item pane)
  • Clipboard format Enhanced Metafile is now handled.
  • Added a white outline on the active group arrow (for users with dark background colours.)
  • Added a command to clear the current contents of the clipboard (Edit|EmptyClipboard.)
  • Added a new menu "Text" with formatting operations:
    • Trim left
    • Trim right
    • Remove empty lines
    • Remove line breaks
    • Remove CR/LFs
    • Upper case
    • Lower case
  • Editor window font now uses same font as the preview window.
  • Added more commands to the item pane right click menu.
  • Added a Format menu button to the text editor dialog to allow use of all format operations.
  • Append text capture mode works more intuitively.
  • Added menu item Help|Web|Register.
  • Added tray menu items, Purge All Groups and Empty Clipboard.
  • A compaction info dialog is displayed prior to using File|Compact.
  • Duplicates are handled better, they are no longer captured.
  • When deleting an item, its hotkey is now unassigned automatically.
  • Added ability to save any clip as an individual files in its specific format.
  • When saving a clip, the save dialog offers the clip name as the filename.
  • Clip naming ignores CR/LF and Tab characters providing a neater display.
  • Hourglass is displayed when populating a group.
  • Flat-look toolbar.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that caused specific versions of MS Word to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly positioned the main window if task bar was top/left of the desktop.
  • Preview window uses correct system colour for displaying text.

Version 1.41 -- 14th June 1998

  • Fixed a resource problem under Windows95. If you managed to download ClipCache1.40 for the short time it was available, please remove it and upgrade to 1.41

Version 1.4 -- 12th June 1998

  • Item sorting (by columns: name, size, format, date )
  • Advanced merge allows ordering and insertion of new lines between clips
  • Text append capture mode (with 'append mode' tray icon)
  • Added a 'Compaction' command to the File menu
  • Edit existing text clips
  • Creation of new (empty) text clips
  • Added 'Edit' to the right click menu of the item pane
  • Accelerator for 'Delete' is now just the delete key and not shift+delete
  • Help menu now has a Web sub menu
  • Minor user interface modifications
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow bitmaps to be put onto the clipboard from the system tray menu

Version 1.3 -- 27th March 1998

  • Added support for Bitmaps (Device Independent Bitmaps.) Note: try Windows built in window capture, Alt+PrintScreen (window) or PrintScreen (whole screen)
  • Registered file type icons are now used for clips item icons
  • Trash deletion and compaction operations are now much quicker
  • Added an option to not capture bitmaps larger than N bytes
  • Added an option to allow autosaving of the database every N minutes
  • Hide application is now available on the File menu (accelerator Escape)
  • Switch panes is now available on the View menu (accelerator Tab)
  • Save is now available on the File menu, which allows manual saving of the current database
  • Re-arranged the options startup dialog more logically
  • Increased quick select tooltip display time
  • Hotkey box for items is now larger, so longer hotkey combinations can be viewed
  • Tray Icon now only requires one click to display the main window
  • Fixed a bug that displayed an underline character in item/group property sheets when the item/group names included an ampersand
  • When using quick select hotkeys, the first and last items are now correctly displayed as a tooltip
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2 -- 9th February 1998

  • Hotkeys may be assigned to clip items via the Item Properties
  • The font used to display text clips may now be changed (menu: View|SetFont...)
  • Filter out items that have been assigned hotkeys (menu: View|HotKeyItemsOnly)
  • Force a display refresh (menu: View|Refresh)
  • Item Properties now contains the window title from which the clip was copied
  • Group name is displayed in the QuickSelect tool tip
  • Increased the maximum number of item displayed on the system tray
  • Tidied up dialogs (ie: use of commas within large numbers etc.)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash if 'AutoLoad Recent' was enabled and the file didn't exist
  • Fixed a bug that caused ClipCache to consume more memory than required
  • Fixed a bug that corrupted clips if an item was deleted and moved from Trash to another group
  • Removed the ability to select multiple groups

Version 1.0 -- January 1998

Initial release of ClipCache version 1.00
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