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Read the newest outstanding review by author John Melo in the Small Biz Resource online.
"ClipCache is one of my all-time favorite programs.
I use it religiously every day.
" - John Melo
Preston Gralla's indepth review of ClipCache for Oreilly Publications
"I make my living as a writer... Instead of the Clipboard,
I use ClipCache... far more useful than the Office clipboard
" - Preston Gralla
Featured as one of 'Five Tools to Make Your Windows Shine'
as featured on 3/30/2000
Preston Gralla of ZDNET picks it as the top ClipBoard enhancement utility
at ZDNET 4/11/2002

"At The Oregonian, the largest newspaper in the Pacific Northwest, we have found ClipCache to be an invaluable aid in manipulating text and images. It offers us the capability to efficiently store, manage and retrieve bits of data for insertion in news and feature stories. It makes compiling wire news roundups a snap. Xrayz Software and InfiniSource, who offered The Oregonian a site license at a reasonable cost, have a great product here - an immense improvement over Microsoft's Windows 95 Clipboard and Clipboard Viewer, which limit you to one clip at a time."
John Hamlin News Systems Director, The Oregonian Portland, Oregon

"As a researcher I must keep a track of my sources. Clipcache is the only reliable program I found after a long search that will record the name of my source document, while also having essential features like global search and a tree-outline view. Thankyou Clipcache! You've made research papers alot easier!"
Steve, psychology student, Sydney

"Thanks for looking up our previous order. Your stellar record-keeping is directly related to your high Customer Satisfaction rating! I just gave you a triple A rating... ;-) Let your techies know that as long as CC remains a very fast, unintrusive program, not to mention its robust feature set, I'll be your most vocal fan. As a Realtor, doing computer-based presentations to my fellow agents, CC is getting wide exposure, tied to my postive relationship with you."
Steve Cottrell, Realtor <Steve Cottrell.biz>

"Thanks for you quick support. I really love Linkstash and Clipcache should be software of the decade."
Craig Irvin <www.craigirvin.com>

"I tested ClipCache and it is a very useful program! I especially love the ">>>>>" erasers because I have many friends on AOL and I get a lot of forwarded e-mail. The multiple item feature is very useful in photo editing programs since I make skins for the Winamp MP3 Player. I think this is the best and most useful program I have ever seen for improving Win98! I will definitely use this a lot!"

"My name is Mrunal Patel. I'm living in Gujarat, India. Earlier I was a user of another product named Clipmate but it has many problems when pasting non-English / unicode languages. I searched & found that Clipmate software maker Mr.Chris Thornton, himself said in his forum that he can't fix issues until Delphi's unicode version comes out and he rewrites the entire code. So disappointed with him, I tried other such clipboard products & finally came to your ClipCache. Indeed it's great because of the flawless-unicode support, it copy-pastes any Indian language text without trouble, while most of the other clipboard extender programs can't handle Indian unicode fonts properly. So clipcache is really helpful in my studies as I've to copy-paste such non-English text from various PDF files while making my notes."
Mrunal Patel

"You have developed ClipCache into an increasingly sophisticated program. But its strongest point is still the ease of use of its basic features--they way it picks up material from the copy function of all programs and ease with which it cleans text up and also the ease of dragging and dropping into wordprocessors. Great. The rest is icing on the cake.
David Morton M.D. (and writer) <dmorton mail.snider.net>

"We have deployed Clipcache Plus in our lab and at the workstations located in every classroom. During a faculty training the advantages and strengths of the "clip board on steroids" was discussed and plotted. The time that can be saved and the improvement in quality of work was noted. We look for ways to give an advantage to our school and feel that your product will be a power tool for our students as well as our staff."
Jim Archer <jarcher access.k12.wv.us>, Wetzel County Schools

"I'm a professional writer with 5 novels, one non-fiction book and numerous magazine articles to my credit. I'm currently doing a lot of technical writing and also editing magazine articles. ClipCache is simple, well thought out and easy to use. It has greatly increased my productivity."
Todd Hester <todd.j.hester boeing.com>

"I have been using ClipCache intensively. I use it constantly day & night except when I fall asleep at my terminal. I have been using its capabilities almost to the limit. I have never used a Clip Manager before more than two weeks after being downloaded and installed. However, I find ClipCache as necessary a tool as a personal secretary that takes shorthand (without the legs). |:^)"
Stanley A M Nowik <beamish1 enter.net>

"ClipCache is as indispensable as Winzip is to me. I have operated PCs for 21 years and have used ClipCache on 4 operating systems. It has NEVER failed me. I get several cute emails with all of those >>>>> forwarding indicators, I select all and clean it up in ClipCache and store it. I can then send it to my friends as a CLEAN memo. I love the directories that I can create and organize my clips in. It is the first program that I install when I upgrade my operating system, or when I have to reinstall the OS over and over again, but ClipCache never fails. I have written and recommended to several people including Fred Langa of the Langa Plus Newsletter. Thanks for a great program."
Barry Boyer <bboyer yahoo.com>

"ClipCache is one of the best programs I have ever used, bar none, for it's intended purpose, of course, but I have several other uses it affords me. WOW. I can not believe that everyone doesn't use this program. Congratulations! for such a fine program."
W. C. Russell

"I happen to be a writer. This program, in my opinion, is an amazing and delightful tool. I have found it to be invaluable in my work, and would really be lost without these helpful functions."
Walt M Mauer

"An excellent program. I downloaded it from this months PCPlus. An example of how effective a well designed program is. Thank you."
Angus McPherson <jw58 dial.pipex.com>

"I use the program extensively when doing ebay auctions -- I keep template e-mail replies for auction closings, as well as boilerplate html code. I also find it handy for job hunting - keep resumes and cover letters handy to just zap into e-mail applications."
Geoff Hazel <bc420 scn.org>

"ClipCache is a great tool. I have been using 'ClipMate' for some time now, but ClipCache is far more superior to it."
Srinivas Ghanti <srinivas_ghanti 3com.com>

"I just want to say that from all the clipboard extenders I've ever used, this is the one that I like best."
Lucia <freo medanet.ro>

"ClipCache has quickly become an essential tool in my work as a writer/director. It is simple, quick and solves a long standing problem - keeping more than one item on the clipboard."
William R. Greenblatt <billg414 aol.com>

"ClipCache is by far the most configurable, user-friendly and professional looking clipboard extender that I found. Thanks for a great product at a great price!"
Noel Scheaffer <noel.scheaffer bankfirstcorp.com>

"I love your ClipCache program. I use it frequently. In my opinion it's the best of its class, and I've tried more than a few clipboard extenders."
Robert Perry <robertperry iname.com>

"Today I deleted ClipMate."
Samuel Klein <samuel.k net-art.net>

"Great program! - very professional design! very good implementation!"
Sagi Smolarski <sagism pacbell.net>

"Great!!! How could I ever work without it...."
Hans-Jrgen Schmidt <hjschmidt gmx.net>

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