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ClipCache Pro v3.8.0 - Don't just clip it, cache it!
ClipCache Boxshot The Ultimate Computer Productivity Enhancement Tool
Windows 10/8/7 (32-bit and 64-bit builds)
Upgrade from v2.x to v3.x to qualify for an upgrade discount

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Award Gallery

WUGNET Shareware Hall of Fame CNET Shareware Dispatch 5 stars on MaxxDownloads 6 out of 6!  The Top award at Wintotal.de
5 Stars on UK Awards, the UK's leading download library! Certified by VistaFiles 5 Stars and Editor's Pick on Brothersoft! 5 stars on Filecart!
Editor's Pick at SoftSeek ZDnet 5 Star Editor's Pick TUCOWS - 5 cows 5-star Shareware Top Pick Editor's Pick on PC World Magazine's FileWorld
Awarded the top GOLD award at Hotlib.com 5 Stars at Popular Shareware 5 Stars on BestVista Downloads 5 Stars on Findapp.com
PCWIN Resource Center Top Rating 5 stars at Sofotex MadDownload.com Editor's Choice 5 Stars at Shareware River Windows Magazine Top 10 Shareware
The Power Tool Award Winners 2003 Promaxum Seal of Quality from one of the oldest names in shareware!!! 5 stars on Soft82 5 stars on IT Shareware Bomul Shareware - Korea - Top Rating
5 Stars at RedSoft 5 Stars at Blue Chillies 5 Stars at Cleansoft
5 Stars on Top Shareware Editor's Pick on PC FileAdvisor 5 Stars on Download Ready 5 Stars on Italy's Finest - VOLFTP
Editor's Choice on Download2PC 5 stars at Soft32.com 5 Stars on SoftsLand 5 Stars on Get FreeSoft
ClipCache Pro awarded 5 Stars at bestshareware.net Editor's Pick at WareSeeker.com
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