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ClipCache FAQ


Purchasing: General:

How do I install ClipCache?

Run the file you have downloaded (ccsetup.exe) to start the installation process. If you have downloaded the .ZIP file, then you will need to unzip this first.

How do I uninstall ClipCache?

ClipCache is uninstalled by using the Add/RemovePrograms applet in Control Panel. To uninstall: Click the Start Menu | Settings | ControlPanel, then double-click on Add/Remove Programs, and finally double-click on the ClipCache entry to start the uninstallation.

What do I get when I buy ClipCache

When you purchase ClipCache you are purchasing a license, allowing full operation of the program, and removal of trial period restrictions. The actual license code is delivered via email and should be entered into ClipCache (as described in the email.) The license is valid for all 2.xx versions. You also get support via email and the website.

I'm a licensed user and want to get the latest version, where do I get it from?

You can download this from the download page. Trial and licensed users download the same file, there is no specific version for each type of user. Remember it is the fact that licensed users have entered their license code that removes the trial restrictions. Licensing details will be retained during the installation.

I have bought a new computer and just installed ClipCache, how do I enter my license code?

To enter your license code, open the ClipCache main window, click the "Help" menu, then click "Purchase ClipCache Now". A dialog box will appear, in the box at step#2 you can type or cut/paste your license code. Finally click OK to complete the process.

What version of Windows will ClipCache run under?

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. ClipCache's installer installs a 64-bit version under 64-bit Windows.

Why is my serial number/license code being rejected?

It could be one of two reasons. Firstly make sure you have typed the details exactly as shown, or better still copy and paste the serial. If it still doesn't work then you are using a serial number for a different version, remember a CC2 serial wont work on CC3 and vice-versa. A CC2 serial has this structure xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx (where x is alphanumeric), and a CC3 serial is much longer.

Where can I download upgrades from?

From the download page. There are no upgrade files, you must download the whole thing and install it over the top of the existing install.

Are there any paper based user manuals?

No, sorry.

I have downloaded the new version of ClipCache, do I need to uninstall the current version?

You do not need to remove your current installation, in fact uninstalling will result in loss of all your settings! You should install the new version in the same directory as your current installation. Your settings will be retained in the new version.

ClipCache is telling me that I must purchase the program, but I've already paid for it - what's up?

You need to enter your license code into ClipCache. You can do this by clicking YES in response to the question and entering your code in the dialog that appears. Alternatively, you can click 'Register' (or 'Purchase ClipCache Now') in the help pulldown menu.

I've just purchased ClipCache, where is my license code?

Your license code will be sent to you via email. Typically you should not have to wait longer than a few minutes for it to arrive. However, because of the nature of email delivery this may take longer, we apologise for any delay.

How do I stop Microsoft Office's clipboard popup window from appearing?

Please see this articale on Microsoft's website.

Can I merge clips from one database to another?

You can do merging of database clips manually. Simply select the clips in a folder that you want to copy (multi select via holding down Shift or Ctrl). Then hit Ctrl+C to copy them. Next load the other database and hit Ctrl+V to paste the clips.
Please note that you can only copy clips from one folder at a time. Also for ClipCache 2.x you should uncheck the option "Copy selected clip to clipboard" in tools|options|startup.

ClipCache sometimes stops capturing clips for no apparent reason, why?

ClipCache relies on something called a clipboard viewer chain. Any program that monitors the clipboard is linked into the chain - for example, download url monitors etc.. Unfortunately the design of the chain (by Microsoft) means that one badly written program can prevent other programs (i.e. ClipCache) from being notified about new data copied to the clipboard. ClipCache has a "Reconnect To Clipboard / Repair Clipboard Chain" in the Tools menu. However, this is a cure rather than a preventative measure, so another program may "break" the chain at a later time. I would recommend that you try to identify when ClipCache stops capturing, and note the actions (i.e. loading a program, or performing a particular operation) leading up to the failure. This may be the culprit. If you have Vista (or newer) and are using ClipCache 3.4.2 (or newer) then you should not experience this problem because ClipCache uses the new features of Vista to avoid this problem totally.

Why does my firewall indicate that ClipCache is attempting to contact the Internet occasionally?

There are a few reasons. ClipCache captures and views HTML clips. It is highly likely that the HTML will contain references to images on a web server. This will trigger a connection to the Internet when it tries to render a remote image for example. Also, ClipCache has an auto-update feature that checks for new versions. We want our users to be aware when a new version is released, if not only for security reasons. This update check happens once a month and a notification is displayed telling you that it's checking. You can chose to turn off the notification but the check still happens to ensure you're up to date. If there are updates available the you'll always be notified - even if you disable the notification.

How can I capture part of the screen as an image?

Use the Alt+PrintScreen keys to capture the active window, or use PrintScreen key alone to capture the whole desktop (warning, this can result in a huge image.) If you use Vista or Windows 7 you are in luck, there is a snipping tool allows you to select a specific area to capture. Or you can use the snipping tool available here. You must also make sure you have capturing DIBitmap enabled in ClipCache options, capture tab.

Where can I download the 64-bit version?

Since version 3.5.1 both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions are included in the same download package. When installing under 32-bit Windows, 32-bit ClipCache is installed. When installing under 64-bit Windows, 64-bit ClipCache is installed.

Is the portable version available in different languages?

Yes and no. ClipCache portable is available for download in English. However, it can run any of the supported languages. To do this, install the desktop version (on any computer) choosing the language that you want. Next copy the file CLIPCLOC.DLL from the installation folder to the portable ClipCache folder. If you also want the help file, copy CLIPC.CHM. Finally restart ClipCache.

Is the portable version available in 64-bit?

Since version 3.5.1 both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions are included in the same download package. A portable install copies the 32-bit version to ensure it runs on both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows, ensuring maximum portability. However, you can use the 64-bit version too. To do this, install the desktop version on a computer running 64-bit (x64) Windows. Next copy the file CLIPC.EXE from the installation folder to the portable ClipCache folder. Please bear in mind that the 64-bit version will not run under 32-bit Windows, therefore limiting portability. If you need access to both (32/64-bit ClipCache), you can rename CLIPC.EXE. To save storage space on your portable device, use UPX to compress the EXE file.

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